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To do, and how to!

I hereby solemnly acknowledge that I have never been a brilliant student, and probably never adored by my teachers (though the feeling has been mutual). And I stand here (metaphorically) with the audacity to advice all of you who are hopefully brighter than I am. So why should you heed my words? Because a procrastinator can come up with the best short cuts possible.

To start with, understand that all the subjects require very little: logical thinking and a tad bit of hard work (take Physics for example’s sake). The former is probably the least popular, even more when one has been blessed with teachers who teach nothing but abstract concepts transferring their own superfluous understanding to their students. Now, this may seem like a rant of a student who abhors the existence of a subject (and it is half-true). Honestly, it is a rant but of a student who finds the subject’s existence fundamental to understanding from the infinitesimally small particle to the most grandiose of structures and all that lies in the space between. So ending with the digression, how does one (who might have a weak understanding of the subject) get an A in CIE?

Remember that the syllabus is carefully planned out such that if spread throughout the year can be covered comfortably. So I have two advices for the two different sects of students:

1)      For those who find “understanding” concepts essential: Read and Question! It is as simple as that. There is ample time to do the past papers at the end of the academic year. However, it is important to understand how and what one might get questioned on. Otherwise, you will just keep reading without getting prepared.

2)      My teacher says this quite frequently, “CIE’s are all about the money. Money, money, …., money. You give the money, you get the grade.”

And this is undeniably true. Cambridge being a business would want to give you a good grade, unless you work hard to prove that your evolution had intermediary faults. So, there is hope for us! This is my sect, the sect of procrastinating “cool” students. My advice to you: Solve past papers, baby! You can probably learn enough, not by the concepts but from the answers of the Marking Scheme to get an A. Hard work is for nerds anyways, we are too brilliant for it ( Sect 1, hope you are not offended).


Well that ends it. Have fun, enjoy, and study (yeah that too)! Kudos.