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The CIE October November Winter 2013 Session Results.

I write to those fortunate and the unfortunate of the last examination session.

Firstly, to the fortunate ones, you have my congratulations. You people worked long and hard for your exams and you have every right to deserve what you have achieved. Those who passed with flying colours should rejoice and aim to keep this achievement consistent. While the ones with a satisfactory result should challenge themselves to perform even better in the future.

My understanding that, it is common for some to treat this session as a retake for the May/June (summer) session. Those who were unable to score a satisfactory grade, opt for the winter session for a second attempt. And in most cases the percentage of the successful is high.

Now to discuss about those unfortunate ones of this Winter session. Firstly, you have my sympathies for your misfortunate. But what you must understand and learn from this is that there are a multitude of elements that will discourage and keep you from getting up and the key element is yourself. This will sound cliché, but it is true, that you must not allow yourself to be discouraged by anyone or anything and should focus on setting aside your failures and moving forward.

If you want know how many share your results and your feelings, visit the CIE website and search for the result statistics for this Winter session.  Or for a direct link to the CIE results:

O Level Result Statistics

A Level Result Statistics

IGCSE Level Result Statistics

October November Winter PDF Past Papers

A brief comment on the results.

The threshold for the grades is different each year and in every session since it depends on two aspects: the capability of the highest achieving candidates, and the difficulty of the examinations. I can say very little on the different examinations since a comment on them is quite subjective. Although, eyeballing the results statistics evidently shows, in percentage, how every candidate would have commented on their examinations.

Keep in mind that these results are a cumulative total. Those who did not understand how the results are depicted clearly did not perform well in their mathematics exams.

Studying throughout the year VS Studying at the last moment.

Students can be categorized into three types. Firstly, there are students who study tediously throughout the year. Secondly, there are those who show interest in studies when their exams are approaching and, lastly there are those who study at the last moment. I am going to focus on the two extreme scenarios.

Now what is it that compels students to study all year long. Well the answer is simple, pleasure, they enjoy the idea of studying. This consequently becomes an addiction and in time this becomes the sole means of spending the day. They even study and research about things which are beyond the scope their course, which of course makes them smarter and knowledgeable. Thus, these students become more “study-philic” than others.

Another reason why students study throughout the year is because they have a great deal of discipline and patience. A student’s psyche is that to keep working and try to minimize the mountain of work they would face at the end of the year. However, these types of students are very rare and near to extinction.

Now let us move to the other side of the court. Here the students are more carefree and less enthusiastic about studies. These types of students constitute a large percentage of the student body. They prefer to indulge in studies at the end and enjoy the time they have now. Although they study but it is not sufficient enough to achieve a good grade. Moreover, they are also the ones who struggle at the end of the semester, due to the magnitude of work and lack understanding of the subject.

However, there are merits to studying at the last moment. They can spend more time at others things, this could include sports, music, art and other things to their liking. Even though excessive socializing does hinder one’s studies but a moderate amount is necessary for maintaining sanity.

So which is better? To study throughout the year or at the last moment. This does not have a definite answer, and is based on the individual. If so, what determines which path a student chooses? It depends on one’s nature, his psyche, upbringing, environment and the time he is living in.

To conclude, whichever path a student chooses does not significantly affect his or her future but only proves as a lesson to what they should have done and what they shouldn’t.