Failure – what to do about it?

Failure – what to do about it?

In my opinion there is no such things as a failures, there are just results. But what one does with these results makes all the difference.  If one considers the results to be a failure then they are most likely not going to achieve much in life but if one chooses to think of these results as somewhat a success then at least they are aware that their goal and they just have to find a different way to get there.

Taking a failure and transforming it into a success is no easy task, which requires a disciplined mind and considerable fortitude. Hence most believe, and I emphasis on the word ‘believe’, are not eligible for this endeavor. However, those who do believe can follow a simple, but not easy solution to tackle the failure. The most important thing one must realize is accepting failure but believing it to be temporary, after that one can simply salvage anything from the failure learn from it; try to figure out the why and how of the failure, and if one has enough understanding of the it then give it another try or just simply move on to a different approach. There is no one absolute route to reaching a goal. There are as many as you believe there to be.

As mentioned before, tackling a failure or an undesired result, to keep one motivated since the word ‘failure’ discourages people, can be a tedious task. In addition to disciplined mind and strong fortitude, help is another important factor when dealing with failure. Many fail to realize the significance of help and choose to ignore it while pride often blinds people of this gift. Everyone needs some help at some point or points in their lives no matter how strong they are. In addition, some consider help as a sign of weakness which is a misguided notion. Asking or wanting help is not a sign of weakness but growth; one learns to utilize the all resources at their disposal. Moreover, one has people around to back him/her up and to provide motivation and encouragement. While all this helps those who wish to tackle with their failures, there are some who simply accept their failure as an end of their endeavor and do nothing about it.

This often happens when one does not have a strong fortitude or a patient mind, and the lack of assistance also plays a part. From their perspective, they are completely devastated and there is no hope of any sort of revival. And hence they choose not to indulge in it anymore. However, their perspective, although justifiable, is not the only one.  This realization, if it does not come on its own, must be provided from the outside-meaning outside from their perspective.

Although, in theory this all seems easy and accomplishable but in reality, as you can guess, it is completely of the charts. For something such as facing failure, reading a book or knowing the theory would not help them overcome their failures but it certainly comes in handy.

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