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IGCSE Physics Winter 2015 Solved Past Paper

IGCSE Physics Winter 2015 past paper has been solved below.

  1. With a rule, one can measure the dimensions to calculate volume and a beaker can measure volume directly.
  2. Distance traveled in a a speed time graph is the area under the graph, which in this case is, 100m. A
  3. Average speed is total distance / total time. 30km / 0.5 hour = 60km/hr. D.
  4. Mass is the amount of space an object occupies. The mass will remain the same, only the weight will change because it depends on gravity, which is different among planets.
  5. Density is mass / volume, hence, D.
  6. Since it’s not moving, the turning effect and resultant forces are both zero.
  7. Mass cannot be changed by force. C is the only option without mass. C.
  8. Work Done = Force x Distance. B.
  9. The fuel reacts in the boiled to turn a turbine which turns the generator. D.
  10. The difference C is used.
  11. Pressure is force/area. It is Least in B.
  12. The decrease in temperature makes the molecules of the gas less ‘excited’. This decreases the kinetic energy. The decrease in kinetic energy corresponds to a decrease in volume, hence pressure. A.
  13. The water evaporates by absorbing the heat from her body which makes her cold. D.
  14. It’s density decreases because it’s volume increases. A.
  15. Thermal capacity correlates to the change in temperature for 1 Joule of energy supplied. A.
  16. The air gains heat energy and expands. An increase in volume causes the density to decrease. C.
  17. The best conductor would take the least amount of time. B.
  18. A wave with high and low points is transverse. The wavelength is the distance between to points of same altitude.
  19. Diffraction is uneven reflection. A.
  20. The order is in terms of wavelength and frequency. Infrared waves are adjacent to visible light and farther away from gamma waves than radio waves.
  21. Ray Y should be perpendicular to the lens. Only X and Z are correctly drawn. B.
  22. D.
  23. Sound need a medium and light doesn’t. B.
  24. Human beings can’t hear sounds below 20Hz and above 20kHz. B.
  25. Ferrous means containing iron. D.
  26. An alternation current can demagnetize a steel bar.
  27. Power is Joule peer unit time, which is equivalent to Watt. D.
  28. Resistance in inversely proportional to square of area, and proportional to length of wire. C.
  29. R = V/I. The value of R computer using this formula is the same except in B. B.
  30. B.
  31. Current in a series circuit is same everywhere. B.
  32. Light will decrease the resistance of the LDR. Since voltage is proportional to resistance in parallel, it will also decrease.
  33. The brightness will be normal because resistance will be least in B, because it is a parallel circuit.
  34. Energy loss is minimized at high voltages. D.
  35. C.
  36. Increasing the number of turns will increase the flux which will increase the turning effect. A.
  37. Opposites attract, hence, C.
  38. An alpha particle is a Helium nucleus. It’s emission will decrease the proton number by 2. A.
  39. The half life should decrease the radiation by half. If it greater then there is background radiation present. C.
  40. The subscript is the electron number. B.